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I Hate My Paneling!

We just wrapped up a house in Naperville that had a significant amount of Paneling. The panels wee secure, good shape just had a very ugly color. To avoid a huge mess we gave the customer the option to paint the paneling. each nail hole was filled, gaps were caulked, we then primed it and…

What Do We Do With Our Kitchen?

Last week we went on an estimate that needed cabinets to be painted. The first question was how much. Wrong Question. When you buy a car what do make your decision on? Is it only the price? I hope not. How many miles per gallon, the warranty, past reliability, maintenance issues, how quickly I can…

How Do You Find Your Painter?

How do you go about finding a painter for your home? Do you use the Yellow Pages? Do you use the internet? Maybe call a friend? How about the Chamber of Commerce? What about going through your Realtor? How do you know if the company you’re looking at will do a good job? Can they…

Self Stick Murals vs Paint

As we constantly emerge, grow and adapt our business, we have been getting calls to hang mural wallpaper. After saying no many times, I relented and said yes to a friend who needed some help. It seemed easy enough, overlapping edges to line up the seams, no glue, and “easily repositionable”. It was a larger…

Sports Mural day 8

Here we are moving along, getting the other side of the room painted with a Wrigley theme. So we move forward to people, bricks, definition and players!!