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Digital Murals for A High School Physics Lab

What color are the walls of your High School? If they are white you are not alone.

Ever thought about a digital mural for your High School?

Several weeks ago, I was able to work with Digilio Decorating to install a digital mural for a high school physics lab.

digital murals - wall decals elgin


Here is the wall of the physics lab painted classic white. Prime the walls before installing wallpaper graphics.





wall decals elgin - digital murals

When you take delivery of a mural inspect it. Roll each piece out and look at each piece. Looking for printing defects. Then make sure we have all of the wallpaper you need.


Make sure to measure the wall. You need to compare the wall size to the size of the mural. Will it fit?





digital murals - wall art st. charles

Number each piece. Label the top and bottom. This makes things easy once you paste the wallpaper to have a reference point.






wall art st. charles - digital murals

The walls are almost 17 feet tall. It is possible to install wallpaper with a ladder but it makes things easier with a lift. Levels can be used for straight lines but we used a laser here.





digital murals - wall art pingree grove


Almost completed!







wall art pingree - digital murals


Here is the final image of the completed Mural. Mike is finishing up the last piece.






Digital graphics or Digital murals are a great way to make an impact on your walls. Your school walls can have so much more than white paint. Student artwork can be displayed anywhere in the school.

Read this blog to see how you can use digital graphics in your home.

Watch this video of a wallpaper mural in a restaurant

If you have questions on digital murals for your schools, homes, and places of business- Digilio Decorating and Dfranco Finishes are here to serve your decorating needs.

Call or text us for an estimate 847-553-1726. We are to help you love the house you live in.

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