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Painted handrails

Are you Tired of your stained Handrails and want Painted Handrails instead?

If you are like many of our customers, you have oak handrails.  Like some of our current customers you are tired of looking at these oak handrails. If you want to change the look and have Painted handrails- this blog is just for you.

Here is why- you can Paint the Handrails and get the look you want in your home.

You can do nothing about your handrails, OR—-

What most of our customers do when thinking about painting a oak handrail is look on Pintrest for ideas. For most pople this never works because:

  • People don’t know that the handrails could be painted
  • A customer didn’t know who to call about painting a handrial
  • You are afraid of how it will look in their home
  • You are afraid of picking out colors

And what happens if you fall into the “Don’t know” above excuses?  You will look at that oak handrial for years to come.

Here is what we can do for you

Our last customer, Karl, was getting his home remodeled with new carpet, stairs, floors, paint and wallpaper. The one item in the home they ignored because they dint think they could change-yep -painting their oak handrials. As you can see from some of the pictures, the solid oak handrials is ok- but the change is WOW!

oak handrials

oak handrials and ballisters

It all starts with cleaning and prep. We use a clean and deglossing agent to get rid of dirt, grime, cleaning products.

Next, we lighty sand all the wooden surfaces.

The hand rails are cleaned of dust from sanding and we prime it all with an adhesion primer

Once the primer is dry, we scuff sand, and apply 2 coats the finish color.

If it worked for Karl, it will work for you

” I never thought of painting our oak handrails. We have had these oak handrials for 25 years. I did not like the look of them, it looked dirty, felt dirty, and looked old. Dave and his team suggested painting the handrials, it was an easy yes.  Dave and Spencer touched up our painted  cabinets and painted all the walls and ceilings.  Painting those handrails really makes a huge difference not just how our home looks but how it feels” -Karl S.




Now it’s your turn!

Call us to paint your handrials and you will:

  • Get the help you need to make a great color selection
  • Have peace of mind to know you get a 5 year warranty of our work
  • Relax and enjoy the look you want in your home

Don’t worry about tearing out any handrails, not having a handrail, hiring a carpenter, a demolition crew, or selecting a type of wood for your handrail. Paint it, and enjoy!



Do you want to keep the wood handrail you have? OR do you want to do have something new? We can help you update today!

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We will help you love the home you live in!