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Wallpaper Installation in Historic Elgin Victorian Home

Do you have a historic home in Elgin that needs wallpaper?

Having a home that is older can be fun! But as a paint and wallpaper contractor, we know as well as you that it can be challenging to find a contractor to work in these homes. Installing wallpaper in older homes gets tricky to not only find wallpaper that fits the home but can be installed over plaster, on walls, and around crooked corners.

Where to find wallpaper to fit your home?

If you are like Bill and Ruth in Elgin, their home is a work of art. They have spent years restoring woodwork, keeping the home not just looking as it did 100 years ago but feeling the same as much as possible. Bill and Ruth discussed the efforts to find plumbing fixtures to match the home’s age. They also have had their share of issues finding contractors that either can or would work in an older home.

“It gets tricky working on a room or wall where it is not square, flat, or smooth!”

When Bill and Ruth needed to replace their wallpaper, they turned to the folks at JC Licht in South Elgin. Renee has been there for a few years and is great at helping folks out in wallpaper selections. After a few books and nights going through wallpaper books, the selection was found!

how to match old wallpaper

older wallpaper to match

Find a wallpaper installer for your project.

Like Bill and Ruth, they did not know who to use to install their wallpaper. They searched the internet- used Google, then when they were looking for wallpaper, they asked the Folks at JC Licht- Who would you recommend? So what do you look for?

  • Do they have a website?
  • Do they have any reviews online – Google reviews?
  • Does the local paint store know them?
  • Are they an actual business or a man out of a van?
  • Do they have insurance?
  • Do they have references?
  • Have they been trained at all or have they learned on the go?

You can also search for wallpaper installers at

Check out our podcast about hiring a wallpaper installer

Follow the success of Bill and Ruth for your wallpaper project

You too can have a great wallpaper installation!

All you need to do is follow the steps above to ensure you will have a wallpapered room and home you love. It is that easy.

Here are some other images from Bill and Ruth’s installation.

wallpaper installation

residential and commercial wallpaper installation

commercial and residential wallpaper installation

wallpaper installation in difficult spaces

Now it’s your turn!

We will measure your room, tell you what you need, what to get, and if you haven’t already…help you find where to get the best wallpaper in Elgin or nearby area.

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